The City of Bremen is located in the north-western part of Germany. It is a Hanseatic City belonging to the Federal State of Bremen, which consist out of both Bremen and Bremerhaven.

Its metropolitan population reaches roughly 2 million inhabitants. The City is well known for the fairy tale of the „Town Musicians of Bremen“ by The Grimm Brothers.  Furthermore, the city showcases the Town Hall and the statue of the city protector „Roland“ as part of the UNESCO World- Heritage-Sites.  

Industrially seen, Bremen is an enclave for aviation, aerospace and automotive. Big companies and institutes run offices and factories in the region. Well connected with an international airport, railway and high-ways the city is an important economic location in Germany. 

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About our University

The Hochschule Bremen is a state university of applied sciences with around 9.000 students distributed in five faculties. It is partner to many renowned companies, who send their future engineers and employees to study here. Specifically for the aviation department it owns a full scale simulator of a B-737 Cockpit built by the students and a rocketry workshop, just as little extract of our facilities, which you will get to know throughout the AMEAC.  

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